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Thanks Dave.

They are in the process of bringing a 1,600 tonne crane to install roof trusses, and I'm supposed to keep an eye on it for a couple of months. It's a blue-chip crane outfit so hopefully I won't see too much crazy! I was in Saudi / Abu Dhabi for 5 years (left in 2000) and saw much lunatic behavior so I'm not getting my hopes up Besides, a little drama makes things more interesting and justifies my consulting fees.

I usually end up working 80 hour weeks on these jobs, but I hope to have some time to myself. The debate will be whether to buy a bike or try to find one to rent. From scouring the Internet it doesn't look like buying will be a smart option, and even a cheap trials bike will need another vehicle and a trailer.

I remember my boss in Saudi bought a new DR 800 for less than $2,000 in '98 and I was hoping new bikes would still be cheaper. I thought I could pick up a Multistrada and ship it back here. No such luck it seems.

Any suggestions?
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