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Good day Matteo,

Today i managed to find a Multitech Jacket in the store of a dealer of your products. They had (only) the size L we talked about. Unfortunately it didn't fit right. It didn't fit snug. The sleeves were long enough and the elbow armor at the correct location. But the position of the armor for the shoulders was not right. The position was below my shoulders. So the top of the shoulders were exposed.

They didn't have a size smaller (M) to try on. I think that with size M the sleeves could be too short and i wonder if it would mean that the elbow armor will be positioned to high (in size M) because now it was just perfect at the elbows (in size L).

I had the same problem with your Defender Armor that i wanted to buy a few months back. The shoulder-armor where positioned to low (i wanted the170/80) and even with the smaller sizes (the 160/170) this didn't change enough. In the end i bought the Defender Back&Chest 170/180 instead and combined it with a dainese shirt with armor in the shoulders and elbows.

Because of that experience i'm reluctant to go forward with this. I will first try to find a size M somewhere.
Do you know if the M jacket is al few centimeters narrower in the shoulders than the L? If it is perhaps this could make that the armor doesn't go to far past my shoulders as it did now.


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