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Sorry for not updating this stage while it ran - even on the last stage, the trackers were crazy. What's more, the people running the live update didn't understand their own data and told us stuff like "Nav error for Lopez, he lost the stage and his overall podium", which is all bollocks.

Lopez led the stage from the beginning, it was only his 15' penalty from his engine change last night - he lost 4th gear - that confused thing timing.

Lopez wins SS14 ahead of Faria, Barreda and Helder Rodrigues.

That means no change in the overall positions: Cyril Despres wins his 5th title, having won only a single stage and riding an (Dobrowski's) engine, that made all the way from Lima to Santiago.

Team mate Ruben Faria comes 2nd in a great show of team tactics.

Chaleco takes 3rd after 2 horrible seasons, leaving Aprilia, going to Bordone Ferrari and then starting his own team on a factory KTM.

Ivan Jakes, Slovak privateer comes in 4th with an impressive showing of talent.

We're still waiting for Luis, but all other heroes on the ADV watch list made it in.

Boy are we proud.

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