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Originally Posted by Ulyses View Post
This one goes out to my first donor, who initially contributed $1,000 to the purchase of an old 92' R100GS that was eventually scrapped in favor of the Honda. He also spent countless hours working on the bike, adding modifications, and fabricating parts. Finally, he gave me tons of encouragment to actually embark on this trip at a time when I was dealing with some tough issues in my personal life, things that almost kept me from going.

So, here's to you allvincullumyork. Despite giving you a hard time, you're a hell of a friend and a great brother. Have fun back in Oregon. I'll try and get the bike back to you in one piece. "El Hermano" means "the brother" by the way...
Hmmmm. It seems to me that there are a set of parents somewhere in Oregon who have done a fine job in raising their children.
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