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Originally Posted by eightup View Post
This aspect never really got covered. Do any of you guys just roll up to a house, tell your quick story, and ask if you can set up in their yard? If so how are the results?
On a bicycle trip through Arizona a number of years back I was having trouble finding a place to stop for the night due to the terrain. I came up on a small farmhouse, and a guy was out working in the yard, so I pulled in.

I introduced myself and asked if I could set up my tent in their yard. He agreed and even offered that I could stay in a small, clean shed out back. They let me take a shower and his wife made me a big sandwich for dinner.

That's the only cold call I can remember in my experience and they were enthusiastic hosts.

In a couple other cases I've stopped to check out a piece of private property only to have the landowner come by, whereby I either ask permission to set up my tent there, or I'll ask if they know anyplace I could set up my tent. In no case have I been refused. In a couple of instances the landowner offered a spare bedroom, or asks if I'd like some dinner or a couple beers.

I'd have a hard time knocking on someone's door, but if I were to see them outside, or made casual contact in some other way, I wouldn't have too much problem asking to set up my tent.

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