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Originally Posted by El Chapulín Colorado View Post
Im a bit conflicted as whether to pull the trigger on an LR3 now or holding out for another year or two for a price drop on the LR4 with the 5.0l (375 hp)
The LR4 is definitely nicer/more luxurious but I like the utilitarian interior of the LR3 more. I can't imagine needing more than the 300hp of the 4.4 and I hear you take a pretty serious hit to the mpg, if that matters to you.

If you drive them side-by-side, you'll probably want the LR4. It's basically a Range Rover on the inside. I just wouldn't want to track mud/spill coffee in it, which is the kind of stuff I do all the time and something the LR3's interior is much more capable of handling.
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