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Originally Posted by anotherguy View Post
Take the top bolt (the 1 3/8" one) and loosen a couple turns. Then whack it (the bolt) with a dead blow hammer a few times driving the tube downward in the trees. You'll have to remove the bars to get a good shot at it.
Well, unfortunately I didn't do EXACTLY that. I had removed the top bolt, and had used an old, wasted deep socket as an extension/buffer to hammer the fork tube down. I was unable to twist the tube at all, and the only way to move it was by hitting it ALL the way down (it never seemed to loosen, and I continued to oil the tube). There was A LOT of rust in the lower clamp, and quite a bit in the upper, too. Unfortunately, the socket bouncing around buggered up the first thread in the "fork plug". Lacking a 16mm x 1.5 rethreading tap, I guess I will Dremel out the damaged part of the top thread (my diesel mechanic neighbor suggested that) unless someone has a different idea. Worse come to worst, I guess I can replace the "plug".

Here's my "handiwork"

(Plenty of rust visible)
I've never had to deal with such a stubborn fork leg before.
I don't know what else Mr. Murphy has in store for me after this...
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