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Right, its running off the alternator. You could do that with any bike, just pushstart it, its not the first time someones started a fuel injected bike with a dead battery, can be done with cars too. Often the battery dies with sufficient voltage to drive the EFI system, but you wont have enough juice to use the starter.

I'm just saying if you have a battery/alternator fault in the middle of nowhere, least of your worries is the EFI. Its not really the biggest concern for me. EFI has been around for over 20 years, suffice to say its pretty much reliable. Carbs can also break down and if you're in the middle of nowhere fueling up at a shoddy place or rain water seeps in through the cap, water can cause serious running problems on carbs, not so much with EFI. Floats can crack or ingest fuel which would cause issues, you can crack the diaphragm on constant velocity carbs, you can bend/wear out a needle, you can have an O-ring break. All of those would need spare parts.

Even if your battery dies, your alternator will still work and if you arent an asshole, you can probably ask someone to jumpstart your EFI bike.
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