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Originally Posted by Tepi View Post
Unless you have magneto ignition on your bike, you're going to need power/battery for ignition. Therefor carbed bikes WILL need a source of power, so if your magneto/alternator dies and your battery runs out, you're still shit out of luck. Might wanna find a diesel bike, they should basically run without power if you get them started.

This all depends on what bike and manufacturer. I had a 2006 Suzuki gz250 which had a carb. I left the key on (lights on) by hitting the kill switch once instead of turning bike off with the key. I was gone 1.5 hours, it drained the battery, and the bike would not start, even with a bump start (got the bike up to 25mph, 2nd gear down hill, and nothing); bike required a battery for ignition. Just because you got a carb, doesnt mean you can bump start with dead or no battery. I test all my bikes at what speed, which gear, would be best to bump start if the starter fails. I still have one carb bike (klx250sf-which also doesnt bump start with dead or 0 battery) and 2 FI bikes.

My question, how is the sand supposedly getting into the FI; bad air filters? sand contaminated gas (my best guess would be this one, cause sand gets into everything).
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