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Battery Isolator

Originally Posted by daveburton View Post
Thanks a lot that looks exactly like what I need (I think) and it appears to be small. Is it water proof or does it need to be mounted in some kind of case.

Hi Dave...I don't think it needs to be mounted in a case. Mine is mounted on an (aftermarket) air cleaner unit on my Ural. Won't hurt to put silicone sealer where you might think water could get in. Just mount it under the seat or some place where it is shielded from direct water exposure. I've had mine through some rainstorms & seem not to be bothered by it. There's a small green LED light that is lit up when the two batteries are connected. It goes off when the main battery voltage goes below 12.6V. I kept my installation simple, there are other features though. Neat little has survived since '09.
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