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Just read through all 80 pages. First off, can't WAIT to get back on a bike. Last time I rode, I was living in Mississippi -- driver's there not only have literally no idea what a motorcycle is, but think they look fun to run over. I don't know how many times lifted trucks forced me out of my lane there... Call me crazy, but I enjoy the excitement. :

I have a good commute story to add. Unfortunately piloting a cage at the time, but still exciting. I had borrowed a friend's Range Rover while my car was on jack stands in the driveway. Headed back from class, friend in the passenger seat, on I-10E, in the HOV lane. There's an older 3-series behind me (at a reasonable distance), and mild traffic. The BMW and myself are going around 80 mph (pretty normal for low traffic). Some guy in a Mustang GT came flying up behind us, passing on the right. He swerves in front of me into the HOV lane. I'm watching him carefully. Next thing I know, the rear end sort of "skips" a bit, and twitches right. I shout "HOLY $%*#!" and swerve into the breakdown lane on my left, getting a few inches from the barrier wall. Just as I do that, the entire rear differential falls off of the Mustang. It slams into the pavement, just where I was, bounces, and buries itself right in the kidney grill of the BMW. The BMW driver slams on the brakes, and pulls off left. The Mustang, meanwhile, looses control, and starts to fishtail. I get back in my lane about the same time his rear end breaks loose, sending him spinning across 4 lanes of light traffic. From what I could see in my rearview, the Mustang avoided hitting much. He got close to a Carolla, who then pulled off to check the Mustang driver once the Mustang came to rest in the gravel off the road. Not sure if contact was made though. :
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