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Nicely done!

Thanks for the great ride report! I rode ~5,000 miles in Mongolia on a DR650 in 2011 on the Northern and Southern routes and then out east. Took about 2 months. Your pictures brought back a lot of great memories and I recognized several places as well.

Your choice of bike was excellent. Inexpensive, relatively simple, light, nimble, gets the job done, and plenty of local parts and knowledge how to fix them which is great because Mongolia is rough on machines. The good news is Mongolians are adept at keep their machines going even when they're beat.

Smart move spending most of your time off the main routes too. As you mentioned at one point, the main routes are pretty well thrashed by the truck traffic. I found the secondary and tertiary routes were the best. The single track is the stuff.

The stove was a good choice. I'd strongly consider bringing one if I were to do it over again. The Steppe Stew looks delicious!!!

For those looking to do something similar, I put together a potential route highlighting some of the main sites along the way:,37.96875

Again, great RR. Reminds me of why I'd like to ride in Mongolia all over again... and next time stay off the main routes more often
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