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DeLorme Inreach Satellite Tracker (Part Two)

Done and dusted, as we Aussies say. The Inreach is connected and working - and on a USA plan, too.

I selected one of my credit card providers, called them up and said I needed to attach a USA address to my card and explained about my impending trip. They were just so helpful, what a pleasure dealing with them. I went back to DeLorme and said I was ready to proceed. They tickled their computer and gave me the green light. I soon had the unit activated and conducted a test message with DeLorme (free) and my son (part of the month's quota). Yesterday I went for a spin with the unit in my pocket (mount still on its way) and it accurately tracked my progress across town. Happy camper!

@ Ceej: the decision favouring DeLorme over Spot was quite easy, notwithstanding the extra cost. The Iridium satellite network used by DeLorme is 100% global, whereas Spot is not. Even where Spot does provide coverage, which is most of the world, satellite acquisition would seem to be less reliable and usually slower, simply because they have fewer birds in the sky.

The clinchers were that DeLorme, operated standalone, acknowledges an SOS; and when paired with a smart phone, one can send AND receive SMS/email. Case closed!

I have until now been focussed on the date of our flight to Los Angeles. This week I realised with something of a start that it is only four and a half months to packing the bike in the container. I have therefore ceased waiting for the price of the Zumo 665 to fall and I placed the order on Friday night. The mounts have also been ordered and within a week or two we will be ready for a shakedown trip up country somewhere.

More photos when the electronics are mounted.
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