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Back in the mists of time, I did 2 Dragon's, I think it was 79 and 80, I'll check the badges later.

79 was my first winter rally, and a cold one it was, I was on a BM R60-6 with a poor battery.
A group of about 8 of us went up early Saturday morning, through various passes etc, heading up a road to one pass that looked snow bound, we were greeted by a guy coming down on a trail bike, sliding on its side. With a smile, he said "you ain't going up there"

3 of us sharing a tent, no airbed or anything, and I just a summer type sleeping bag, I froze!
On getting up in the morning, early, there was an ambulance on site, some unfortunate (a little to much to drink) hadn't made it into his tent at all, hyperthermia,,,,

Bike wouldn't start, flatish battery, good job site was on top of a hill.

Next one was a lot milder, a new CB900 this time, rain and mud, and I'd prepared not to freeze.

I fully enjoyed both, this year I was just too late trying to get tickets, all sold out.
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