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Another point -

The Norwegians 'brush' with Mafia.

Russian folk are naturally curious and enquiring. Something that 'wary' foreigners may find disconcerting at first.

In small towns across Russia there are always young local 'Jack the Lads' wanting to appear cool. This includes acting sinister and influential for the benefit of everyone. Being seen talking with foreigners adds to their 'street cred'.

Generally, apart from questions of where are we come from/going and why, a common question is what did the moto cost. Knowing we come from a vastly different economic environment I always avoid a direct answer with "When new about the same as a small Lada - but my moto is not new".
About correct, and an achievably modest level for their comprehension. It always satisfied the question and I did not give an unpalatable reply that could produce envy and avarice.
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