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Originally Posted by ABHulgan View Post
My KLR has a lithium battery. Should I forego riding tomorrow until it's fixed????
HUGE gap of information out there.

your motorcycle li-ion battery is made from lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) which are inherently safe. that battery can survive all sorts of abuse without problems. in fact it's all but impossible to make that battery go into thermal runaway (explosion) like the lithium cobalt (LiCoO2) batteries in 787.

both type cells are known as li-ion but are worlds apart in safety.

Glazed eyeball alert ....

think cell multiples ...... it's not possible for a lithium cobalt li-ion battery to match voltage of a 12v system. LiFePO4 cells operate within a normal or 'nominal' voltage of 3.0 to 3.3 volts and are fully charged at 3.65v. VS lithium cobalt (LiCoO2) operate at 3.7v nominal and are fully charged at 4.2V. Problem starts when LiCoO2 cells are charged over 4.2v and possibly go into thermal runaway at about 4.4v.

above compounds refer to the cathode material. The electrolyte of a lithium-ion battery can vary. typically an aqueous solution of lithium salts. can also be polymer based for easier shaping and safer puncture characteristics. anode of most cells are made of carbon.

LiFePO4 batteries do match our motorcycle's 12v systems and can be made from cylindrical and prismatic cells both.

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