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Originally Posted by koncha View Post
I was talking with my parents a few months ago at their 50th wedding anniversary. Obviously, they were married in 1962.

For the wedding, my dad wanted to purchase a new car. He had a 1961 Corvette but wanted something brand new to celebrate. He looked at just 2 cars: 1963 split window Corvette and a 1963 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing. He debated the vehicles and tried to pick out the merits of each. At the time, he was very much into racing and made regular weekend trips to oval and road tracks, as well as drag racing.

He ended up with the 1963 split window with the 327-360 in whatever the blue was for that year.

It ended up being a real lemon and was eventually traded for 1965 Corvette convertible 396-425.

I only mention this because a Mercedes similar to the one my dad was looking at recently sold for $1.3M.

I would post pics of the 1963 but I can't locate pictures of his. We believe all known pictures were lost in a house fire a few years ago.

There you go. My family's story of 'almost was'.
The '63 lemon aside, I would have purchased the Vette too. Had it not been problematic the extra hp would have been more fun, and he wouldn't have owned either today anyway.

According to Wikipedia the gull wing was only made in model years 1955 through 1957??? They claim the rest of them were roadsters. Regardless, the $11,000 price tag was stratospheric for the day.
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