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That's becoming harder and harder as they are increasingly making that non-upgradable. The smaller iMac now isn't even an easy upgrade. You have to completely disassemble the thing. It seems to be a common trend for PC makers, I was going to upgrade my HD which is the weak link on my Laptop and it turns out the thing is buried in here so you need to take it apart to get to it.
That would be a deal-killer for me. I don't like it, but I'll disassemble a laptop to change a drive or cooling fan. I expect to be able to add RAM fairly easily and don't like it if the keyboard has to come off to do it. Having soldered-on RAM is a stunt Compaq used to pull and I won't stand for it. Even if they also include a slot, how are you supposed to match pairs if the rest of it is permanently mounted?
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