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Originally Posted by troidus View Post
That would be a deal-killer for me. I don't like it, but I'll disassemble a laptop to change a drive or cooling fan. I expect to be able to add RAM fairly easily and don't like it if the keyboard has to come off to do it. Having soldered-on RAM is a stunt Compaq used to pull and I won't stand for it. Even if they also include a slot, how are you supposed to match pairs if the rest of it is permanently mounted?
I watched a video for my laptop and there are a bunch of parts that look really flimsy so that has me worried. I'll probably do it anyways in 2 years along with an SSD just because, and if it dies then I wont care.

I love my Dell T3500 workstation, you can swap any of the boards, HD's etc. without a single tool.
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