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Originally Posted by vellies View Post
So, I have a GSX1250FA I bought last year and have done 9,000km. I am sick of the thing aiming all the wind it can collect at my head. I have been testing naked bikes (which I have always avoided) like the Speed Triple and Monster, just to find out at legal speeds none of them cause nearly the same amount of wind blast. Sure you are in the wind (it is a bike after all), but it is more even and a lot less irritating.

So, now the question becomes, do I sell mine and try to find a naked 1250 with ABS, which they no longer seem to sell in Australia, or is there a way to convert my bike to a naked.

Any ideas would be appreciated.
I've found naked bikes to be much more comfortable than faired "non touring" bikes. I added windshields to both my XT660R and XJR1300 just to remove them later, removed the windshield on the XJR in the middle of a 1200km ride. I rather have a clean blast of air than all the turbulent air aimed by the windshield to my head. I find my SV1000S unridable without ear plugs because of the windnoise created by the turbulent air, not that I do long rides without ear plugs, but I do ride my other bikes without them in the city... Not the SV1K.

As for the naked conversion, you can convert it easily, but a lot of parts are required if you want it to look like a OEM naked Bandit.
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