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Dynatek DBR-1 - no spark - Instructions letting me down

Hello everyone,

I am relatively new to this forum and have gotten quite a bit of help, so thanks to everyone who contributes.

I have a 1976 R90/6 (mfg 10/1975). I used to own a 1975 R90. I restored that one and sold it about 10 yrs ago. The '76 is new to me. I would not say that I am restoring it, but rather since I just bought it I am taking advantage of the down season to do a very complete maintenance, cleaning, replacing parts where needed and improving where is makes sense.

One such improvement is to add a points booster. At the same time that I am adding this, I had just prior also replaced the points and condenser. I just added a Dynatek DBR-1 points booster today, and although everything appears to me to be setup correctly, the bike is not running.

I have done lots of web searching of topics covering this device and there's not much really. This particular thread seems to be the closest in nature. I followed the instructions as best as I can but there is no spark. Removing the wiring from the booster and replacing the original connections gets the spark occurring again.

Here are the instructions I received with the device. In the image with the instructions I also show the strange wire that was included that has some kind of component(s) inside its plastic housing. I have no idea what to do with this as it is not mentioned at all in the instructions.

I believe instruction #5, really meant "ignition condenser", not coil, and so I connected the wires as in the image below.

Then for instruction #7, I connected the red wire to this point on the left side coil. I determined the connection point after following the wires on a (Hanes) schematic from the ignition to the coil, seeing that wire from the ignition to the coil goes to one coil and then there is a crossover to the other coil (in series).

The black ground wire for the booster is connected behind one of the diode board mount screws, against the engine case.

I am hoping that a few of you may have completed the installation successfully and can tell me where I am going wrong or misunderstanding the instructions.


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