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Someone posted about not liking Corvettes, they being so American and all. By and large I prefer more subtle designs and more lithe vehicles but I had a small Americana epiphany back in the early fall of 1970. I was hanging out late at night at a party city overlook party zone. It was the usual beer and pot crowd with a few muscle cars and bikes. We had just learned Hendrix had just OD'd and while it wasn't a completely somber mood, it was a subdued. Up pulls a new gen RS or Z1 Camaro. The guy is back from Vietnam and this is what he gets. I was sitting there starting to drink beer and I thought to myself what a POS, look at that thing, big long hood, tiny rear quarter, cramped insides, I bet its heavy and piggish too (unlike the Porsches I loved then). But as I drank more it became apparent this car had something, and after awhile (and tellingly more beers) I figured it was a brilliant bit of style - it was pure America, tough, brutish, and arrogant. To me, it really encapsulated a lot of our society. I think the Corvette, while its not what I want, for better or worse, does the same thing.

beautiful, apt post. True about American cars and a lot of other things, I bet.
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