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Painting and Bearings

All taped up and ready for paint;

Painted with an automotive metallic blue;

Yikes, the color on the paint can was a much closer match than this!

I realize that it's just a dirt bike and most of this will be covered, but I just had to get the paint a little closer to stock. Here was my last attempt;

This is after the 4th different can of paint, ended up using a very ordinary navy blue. Best match found and this time I felt was acceptable. Stem is in foreground, starting to get serious about cleaning everthing up in prep for final assembly. This is when things went awry.

While cleaning the paint and gook off of the bearings and races, I took the first good look at the lower race after the weld process and it wasn't good. I'd mistakenly thought that the heat of the TIG would be low enough to not harm the race. Definitely damaged and needs replaced. Kicking myself for not knocking the race out before welding!

Will pick up new a new lower bearing and race this week (& probably a set of handlebars), would really like to have this rideable by next weekend. Already have the new gel battery, and other than possible suspension upgrades, am nearly ready for the first XC in March.
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