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The Fuzeblock is way cheaper and will work, if you don't need all the Amp-power and the other PDM features.

PDM60 versus Fuzeblock FZ-1

-both have 6 outputs
-both do max. 60Amp, BUT the PDM does 60 switched "or" 60 constant "or" mixed, as for the FZ it only does 30 switched "and" 30 constant
-PDM does max. 15Amp per output, while the FZ max. 10Amp
-PDM comes standard with 3x 5Amp, 3x 15Amp but can be programed at factory in 0.25 increments from 1 to 15Amp, with the FZ you select thru Mini ATM fuses (2, 3, 4, 5, 7.5, 10Amp) at home
-only the PDM has a Power-On-Delay feature for 6sec for all outputs
-only the PDM has a Power-Off-Delay feature for 180sec for 2 outputs (changeable at factory for others)
-only the PDM has one switchable output per trigger wire to ground
-only the PDM lets you check circuit status via LED (on, standby, fault)
-the PDM resets a faulty circuit by engine off/on, with the FZ you need to check and/or replace a fuse (6 of them; therefor the FZ-1 needs to be accessible)
-the electronics/internals of the PDM are fully encapsulated, on the FZ they are not
-both are Made in USA
-PDM goes for $149.95 (+S/H) and the FZ for $83.99 (+S/H)
-PDM - 'Length': 3", 'Width': 2", 'Height': 0.9"
-FZ - 'Length': 3.314", 'Width': 2.467", 'Height': 1.286" w/standoffs

Accessory Ground Wire:
-with the PDM60 accessory gets directly connected to the bike ground, not back to the PDM.
-the Fuzeblock installation manual mentions to connect each accessory-ground with the FZ-ground-output.


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