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Alright, came home from my trip on friday, and my battery had barely dropped from where it was when I left it on Monday. 13.22V down to 12.95V. Plugged it back in, did some testing to look for current draws, and couldn't find anything. But while I was gone, I ordered a new regulator, one of the efficient MOSFET types. After all, if I spend a good portion of my time stopped at traffic lights, and my stock r/r is only putting out 12.5V, then my battery is draining itself while I'm stopped to a point below the 12.6 ECU cutoff. Spent this morning swapping out the parts, and went out for a test. (It was also a chance to break in the Tourances I had mounted yesterday too.) I left home with my battery at 12.78V, came home about 50 miles and just shy of two hours later, and my battery was sitting at 13.32V. This is the first time I can remember seeing my battery higher after shutting off the bike. Hopefully this means I wont have to precharge the battery before each ride, or short out the starter solenoid for a start anymore.

With this problem fixed, time to think about farkles. Up next is a baffelectomy and blackened heat shields. Then maybe a Metal Mule rack system and Kriega panniers. At the very least, I just plan on riding more. 6000 miles in 3 years is too few. I'm want at least that many miles this year alone
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