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Originally Posted by Cortez View Post
This fuel consumption stuff is getting on my nerves.

I've managed a 3.3l/100km riding like a normal person on a relatively
straight road up to 75mph at times but using that overdrive gear as
often as possible (55mph+).

Riding like a maniac, shifting as late as possible and downshifting on every
overtake (average probably around 4000-5000) and revving it out to the
redline every time I had to stop on the same trip as above -

I never went above 80mph, maybe once or twice, and kept using 6th above

It was way faster pace then I'd normally ride at and borderline dangerous.
I got 3.6l/100km that time.

That's 71 and 65MPG!

Anyone getting worse then that is either abusing the engine riding at
unnecessarily high revs OR riding at speeds over 80mph all the time.

I got freakin' 65MPG without being overtaken ONCE on my Ninja 650R
on a 400 mile trip, heavy on the throttle, but not revving it's nuts off
(4500-6000 when at nice canyon-like roads, and 75 in 6th everywhere else).

Even the 650R was great, that's basically a 250cc scooter MPG category, and the
NC is obviously better.

I bet I could get it down to 78 MPG.
Very nice numbers, and excuse my ignorance, but I presume that is not the same as U.S. mpg's? Sounds way too good to be true if you're riding aggressively. I'd love it to be so, though.
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