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Originally Posted by MaineScoot View Post
How about the opposite question? I am not subscribed to threads I post to but would like to be. Thanks.
Are you wanting to change the default for just future threads you post to, or for all the existing ones also?

For future: presumably your default is "do not subscribe", so you'd do the same as above, except you'd change "do not subscribe" to whatever default you wanted, instant, daily digest or weekly digest.

For existing: If you want to see your existing subscriptions on a per thread basis, you can see that at:

The problem is that if you're not subscribed at all (default = "do not subscribe") threads you've posted to won't be listed. Only way I know of (maybe someone else has an idea) is to find all the threads you've posted at (using the search feature), then edit your post and in the edit window, change your subscription choice (it's a per post option below the edit window), I think if you change the default above, edit will show that as your new default, so you just need to then save.

Hope this helps!
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