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Originally Posted by TStorm View Post
Ok, so...came home from work at about 3, and tried to start the bike again. Nothing. Hooked up the multi-meter and here's the readings:

Off: 12.54V
Lights: 12.48V
Fuel Pump: 12.11V
Attempt to start: flickered down to 11.37V

The battery lost almost .5 volts in 6 hours of sitting.

Went through the process again a few moments ago:
Off: 12.48V
Lights: 12.21V
Fuel Pump: 11.96V

Saw this thread on TriumphRat, which pretty much describes my issue exactly, and I'm curious if anyone else has had similar problem.
My Scram has had this problem since new (2010). It seems to be temperature related. The battery will hold its charge for weeks without use in warm weather (say +20 deg c) but loses it over night in cold weather. I havent found a practical solution yet other than putting it in a shed overnight in winter, or putting a trickle charger on it.
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