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Originally Posted by kenaroo View Post
x3 So easy to judge.. there is so much time and effort put into these projects.. then some J-hole spends 2 seconds with a single word response of negativity.. Like the OP I always welcome these people to do better.. a few my try and most will fail.. others may be inspired.

My Critique? (not that you asked) I'd like to see someone come up with a graphics kit that would accent the lines and make it look better in the pictures.

I'd also think it needs to stand off the forks a little more to make more room for a cockpit/instruments (i.e gps and possibly a road book)

great job and I applaud your efforts..
Good comments, Mr Ken

And we know you put some skin into one of these projects so you know it is not a 5 minute job.

Graphics - John & I have talked about this at some length. I think both of us have had higher priorities. But if you have any visions, please share them.

Stand off - The design of the fairing brackets & fork brackets was designed for flexibility from day one. This fairing can be positioned as far forward (within reason) as you like. The best way to do this is to use (2) fork bracket kits which gives you 4 fork bracket mount points. You can now insert any width spacer bracket between the fairing brackets & the fork brackets. As an example, you could fab a piece of sheet metal 2 in wide x about 7 in high, insert (4) holes at .5 in edge margin to match the holes in the fairing bracket. Do 2 of these. Assemble this and wa - la, the fairing is now 1 inch further forward.

if this is unclear, let me know. I will provide pics.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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