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Lima to Paracas

Well I got out of Lima on Sunday as planned, well sort of as planned. i kind of dilly dallied around the hostal this morning, shared some stories with other travelers, Skyped home, and had a a couple cups of coffee before i finally got geared up to leave. i was in no particular hurry because its less than 300k down to Paracas.

Murphy's law took over when i went to Scotiabank to get some cash and my card wouldn't work. Of course! This time I knew there was money in the account and I wasn't over my weekly limit so I couldn't figure out why it would not work. I still had some Peruvian cash but I knew I might not see a bank machine again for a long while.

This necessitated another trip to another Scotiabank where of course the card would not work and I got a message to call my branch. I really thought I was going to have to give up when both the Scotiabank machines would not reconize my Master card either.

I then went looking for another bank. I found an HSBC bank and my Scotiabank card worked fine. WTF! Of course all this took about an hour and traffic was building all the time. I bought gas that was frigging expensive, cost 72 soles to fill the tank. It was good high test gas though the KLR never knocked all day

I got really mixed up at an interchange to 1S (the Coastal Highway) and The GPS has no idea what to do but by trial and error I finally found the way to the highway. I was on an entrance ramp. Latin drivers have zero patience and absolutely no sense of an orderly traffic flow. The ramp was a free for all and a guy in a Honda Accord came so close to me trying to squeeze by me to get ahead 6 feet he hit my foot as i was trying to put it down to stop. I was steaming mad but said nothing. You never know who's got a gun down here.

I realized as I got to the south end of town, all the traffic was going to the beach. There are a lot of beaches along 1S just south of the city.

I got yelled at at a Peaje (toll booth) because I guess I was in the lane for cars. A cop was yelling at me. I said i can't speak Spanish which was a bit of a lie because I knew what he was saying but pretended I didn't. It is so dumb. The toll booths are like those fiberglass booths they have to sell tickets at a fair. There is no gate, nothing to prevent me from rolling though in the lane I was in but the cop had to stop all the traffic in three busy lanes just to let me cross in front of it all to get to the free Moto lane. I left shaking my head. This happens all the time in Peru. There is no sign at any of the toll booths to tell bikers where the Moto lane is. I have even seen it on the left side of the road and had a cop grab his shot gun he was so determined to get me to cross a bunch of traffic to roll though on the wrong side of the road instead of just lifting the gate for me.

I am not a fan of driving in Peru. I like Peru I love the people I hate riding my bike here. there is so far nothing fun about it. I hope it gets better in the mountains.

I knew I wanted to stay in Lima and as I got south of town I soon remembered why. from the luxury of Miraflores right back into the desert, complete with burning garbage and a huge wind off the ocean. Very hot, then the fog rolled in and it was very cold, then I turned inland and it was very hot, where I had a same direction bus force me off the road. I'm telling you the bus drivers are crazy here and the cab drivers too.

I was glad to get to Paracas. It's a nice little beach town. They roll up the carpets after dark but it's ok. You can take very reasonably priced boat rides to see penguins and sea lions. I'll likely do that.

I had a decent meal of rice and chicken. I am so tired of rice I doubt I will ever eat it again when I get home.

I was very pleasantly surprised to meet my French friends that drive the Pinzgauer as they were having their supper. We talked over a couple beers. They are here for a few days, so that's nice. My German friends are on the way here tomorrow with Malene, the Danish girl, so all of a sudden i don't feel so lonely anymore. It's all good.

My French friends related a horrible story about something they saw in Venezuela when a man was shot and killed in the car in front of them over drugs. His buddy got out of the car and fired about 30 rounds out of a machine gun at the attackers and a ricochet bullet hit Linda in the neck but did not break the skin. She still has a bruise though.

They said they met 10 people who went to VZ and 9 had problems. I am very glad the border was closed the day i tried to go there, but as far as I know, none of the other four bikes I was with at the time who waited and went had any problems.

I think this place is a little sketchy at night too but OK in the daytime. You can camp in the Paracas National Park for 1.5 soles but I don't think I'll be doing that.

I'll post the few pictures I took today, in the morning


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