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Originally Posted by ssevy View Post
I sat on all of the Tiger models at the NYC show yesterday, and really liked the new green XC. The Explorer felt big and looked big and heavy, but I read that the weight disappears once you are rolling. Out of curiousity, I also sat on the Multistrada, and I must say that for me personally, it fit much better than any of the tigers. The price was on the other side of scary, but the dealer who was helping man the booth sells both Triumph and Ducati, and said having ridden all of them in length, he really likes the Ducati the best. When spring rolls around, I'll have to go test ride all of them at his shop and see how they feel to me. I really, really want to try the new Tiger Sport 1050, but the guys at the Triumph booth said no way is that bike coming stateside. The quote was "they don't want to dilute the pool of potential Tiger owners with too many choices". By the way, the new Trophy ergonomics were very comfortable, and it doesn't seem that big in real life. I think they will sell as many as they can bring in once some test rides are available.
I've ridden both too. The XC and Multi are two totally different bikes. In my opinion not comparable. Different capabilities, different riding styles, etc. The rodie and the multi would be similar I suppose. In that case I would probably chose the multi. But the prices are way far apart. The Explorer XC will be sweet! I may jump ship to one of those when they are out for a year or so.
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