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Originally Posted by SoilSampleDave View Post
Speaking of gearing, I am trying to see what the min/max gearing is I can use with the same chain. I actually have a 350EXC, but there isn't a thread like this for it, and so much of these bikes is the same. The EXC comes with 14/45 gearing and the XCW has 13/52. So, I threw on a 13 and tried 13/45. Too high for single track, too low for DS. So, I am going to bite the bullet and get a spare set of wheels and gear them appropriately. That also saves me from the usual thing of putting fresh knobbies on for dirt ride, and then destroying them on a DS ride before I even hit the good dirt. Anyway, it would seem 13/52 will work on the "short end", my question is would I be able to adjust the chain tight enough on a 13/42 or even 13/40 for my DS gearing?
13/52 is way too low for these bikes.
I use 15/49 or 14/49 for dual sport depending on where I'm going to ride. I use 13/49 for single track so I can go slower without using the clutch so much. All 3 combos use the same chain length. 116 links The longer chain keeps the rear wheel from eating the mud flap.
You can flip the rear axle for more chain adjustment.
Keeping a larger front sprocket will greatly extend chain and sprocket life.
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