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TdA Retrospective

Well seein as how I'm a Certified Old-Timer, sometimes (OK, a lot of times) I find myself reminiscing about good times back in the day. And this weekend I've been reminiscing about an event that from 2006-2009 was held on MLK weekend at the Crawfordville YMCA Camp (Camp Indian Springs), called Tour de Apalachicola. It was a KLR event, more or less, eating up a lotta bandwidth on the KLR forums, and the vast majority of bikes were KLRs--but make no mistake, everybody was welcome at TdA. Some gazoonie even brought his nanner-puddin yeller DRZ out there one year, and the KLRistas just stared in wild wonder

We had an "insider," Gerald, who goes by SugarSand here on ADV, and he was the Founder of the Feast, so to speak, by arranging for us to use the facilities all weekend long. Cabins, hot showers, chow hall, we had full use of the place. Here's Gerald with one of his super-friendly Dalmations, they ran around greeting everybody like it was their job

The chow hall doubled as a garage in the evenings, worklights were set up so that random KLRistas could check their valves, replace their doohickies etc. while other random KLRistas drank beer/observed/offered helpful advice & witty commentary. More entertaining than a movie, and cheaper, too. Cheap is important when ya ride a KLR

The chow hall was set up to accommodate about 100 people; we never lacked for space, or food--Gerald would get some chili going in these big stock pots, and we'd start throwing meat/beans/peppers/etc. in there; it always turned out good! And in the morning, there were donuts/coffee to get ya goin. TreeMan's face is positively lit up with excitement, that's how good the coffee was

Naturally we gave the Family Coastal Seafood Restaurant plenty of business for lunch; I had never been to the Family Coastal until TdA, and I sure am glad it was on the itinerary every year. The best fried mullet I've ever had in my life, and I ain't lyin!

Remember when gas was under $2/gallon? Sure ya do, it wasn't even that long ago

Tate's Hell was always on the itinerary too, some of these gazoonies (ahem JP) are guilty of wheelying thru Tate's Hell with wild abandon, which really wasn't as bad as it sounds, because Swampy was never there

None of these guys cared what ya rode--I mean, c'mon, KLRistas are not exactly the most discriminating people on the planet, just sayin'. Here JP lectures the KLRistas on the finer points of Ridin Red

More KLRs than you can shake a stick at. The value of all these bikes combined is close to ten thousand dollars!! That's a lotta money to a KLRista, ya know

Back in the cabins after a hard day of having fun, many beers are consumed and many stories, some of them true, are told

If this event was still going on I'd prolly be out there right now. Alas, the TdA rallies at the YMCA camp are nothing but memories now, but I'm glad I got to be a part of it. What does Dr. Seuss say about this: Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened. Amen, brother.

Gerald, if yer reading this, thank you for opening the camp up for us those four years; I sure had some great times out there and I ain't the only one by a long shot!

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