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Ok ok

Seeing that there is a lot negativity within the organizing of such an event. Let me be clear:

1. If you don't want to join in on a day that was privately organised, DON'T JOIN
2. If you think its unsafe and irresponsible...sell your motorbike, its for fun and the aim is not to kill people
3. If you think its at the same level of Dakar with safety, luxury, organization and status, you are wrong. This is purely for people who enjoy a day out besides riding on their own.
4. Reason for cops not getting involved is because its outside Muscat and not on public roads, I don't phone and check with cops when I go riding, why should we do it now?!

This is not a professional event. Its a little party with bikes. It is time for lots of expats to come and befriend people ,the ones that they haven't met before, to mix and familiarize themselves with different types of riding and people.

This is entirely at your own risk. Nobody will be held responsible for your bike or your safety except yourself! You know how fast you like to go on the pony,stick to it. (we will have medical help on standby with a kit or 2)

Remember ITS FOR FUN
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