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Originally Posted by JerryH View Post
How many miles is too many for an '08 KLR? I'm looking at one with with 20,000 miles on it, includes a centerstand and highway pegs (I would be getting the centerstand anyway) that looks like it was mostly ridden on the road. It is the first one I've looked at that shows no signs of being dropped or thrashed. It is a private seller, one owner, BUT, nothing has been done to fix the doohickey or the frame bolts, or the oil burning issue. It runs and sounds good, and I could not tell that it was burning oil. Seller wants $3250. Claims it has been well maintained, and the oil was new. Sounds a bit high for 20,000 miles, but this is AZ, and bike prices are higher here than many other places.
Amazing 20,000 miles and he didn't fix or address any of the "internet" problems with the bike. Maybe he just rode it.

as many have mentioned before pricing is subject to location and demand. IMHO shopping around a bit in your area can usually give you a good idea of what bikes local to you are selling for.
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