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I went from a '08 Suzuki GSX600r to an '04 Road King Classic last May. Nearly 6k miles later I can say that this is the most comfortable bike I have ever owned. If set up properly, it can really haul. I have spent 10 hours in the saddle without complaint. I have been in 4 states....long trips that I never took on any of the others. I never seem to want to be off of it. No matter how bad the weather! My motorcycle is my main source of transportation. So, while the miles are low the days are many. The only time I have used my truck was when I was sick or had a meeting to attend off campus.

Being nearly a hobbit I have the reach seat and bars. I have removed the heel shifter, added back rests, exchanged rear lights for LEDs, added luggage rack, added dongle to keep passing lights on all the time, new grips, and other miscellany. I keep trying to find new ways to make it "better".

You know when you probably have the right vehicle....I haven't been "window" shopping for a different one. Never had that experience before. Always before I was eager to see the "new" stuff each year. Now, I don't really care.

I cannot say enough about my RKC. I have ventured farther afar with it than any other bike. Is it the fastest? No. Is it the most nimble? No. Is it the most fun? Oh yeah. For many years I thought that the "Harley guys" were crazy...why be so loyal? I am beginning to understand. There is an intangible that goes along with riding the RKC that I cannot put my finger on. Even though I am ATTGAT, with hi-viz gear, I still feel a connection and affection for this bike I never felt for the others. I realize it is just a machine...but, it just doesn't feel that way. I am beginning to order the Kool-aid by the gallon now.
Because it is my bike and I like it that way!
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