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Originally Posted by rick3foxes View Post
Thanks, Nick!
I see that you've done the Trans-Labrador Highway. That's on my short list - I've gone as far as the Cabot Trail on Cape Breton, but didn't have time to do Newfoundland and Labrador. If I head back up that way again, I'd like to do the TL-HWY.

I think when I was looking into it a couple of years ago, there wasn't yet a road all the way from Happy Valley-Goose Bay to Blanc-Sablon. So that's been completed now?
Its a through route now, and the section from Happy Valley to the Labrador coast is the best part of all IMHO, although 389 from Baie Comeau north to Labrador City is very pleasant - typical Canadian Shield 'rocks, trees and water'. They are paving the TLH like crazy, but there is still plenty of the gravel that you love so much and nothing that's a patch on what you rode of the Dalton.

Compared to the mountains of the west, the scenery is - well, an acquired taste. I love the endless muskeg and the stunted spruce forest, and even the inevitable blackflies are part of its character, but its not for everyone. There is a huge push to develop Muskrat Falls, near Happy Valley for Hydro power, so you could set yourself an agenda to see it before its ruined. I saw the Rupert River (James Bay Road) before its flow was diverted, and am darn glad I did.

I wouldn't bother trading the Connie for a GS or a KLR. With your skill and experience, you'd be just fine.

All the best

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