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Originally Posted by Scottishman View Post
Really am enjoying your RR, my man.

Entertaining and enlightening. I am also amazed at your diligence in taking pics and keeping your RR current. It takes a lot of work. I know because I did it for 5 weeks last year in Europe. And I had Internet everywhere, and no issues with ATMs. So keep up the great work!!

One question for you. My tour starts at Bogata and heads south to Patagonia.I am thinking of going to Cartagena beforehand and the heading to Bogata after a few days. Based on your visit to Cartagena, would you do it again? Do you know if you can fly between the two cities?

Keep on trucking. Rubber side down.

Keeping a ride report is a major time commitment, but for the most part I enjoy it. I am by myself again this morning I have had my breakfast and i'm just hanging out. My backpacker friends are taking the bus from Lima today at noon, so I'll see them tonight.

One of the hardest things about travel by yourself is filling in downtime. Being in this beachtown is nice, but it is a beachtown where I am by myself and I barely speak the language. Not quite like hanging out in Key West, Florida.

I plan to take the boat tour here where you can go a see penguins. and sea lions. It sounds pretty cool and it's cheap at 25 soles, but I prefer to wait for Jana, Niko Lawrence and Malene to do it with me. I don't want to be the only English speaker on the boat. My friends can at least translate some things for me. I am lucky that our two agendas are pretty similar for the rest of the trip so i will likely see them from time to time.

I'm glad i rode up to Cartagena. I wanted to see it. The Old Town is pretty cool. I enjoyed the ride from Bogata up. Bogata was a bugger of a place to get out of. I rode through Medellin early one morning and that was really cool, riding down into the city when you are coming north from Bogata, the view is amazing, then the climb out of the city over the mountains to Honda was incredible. Lots of trucks, but amazing mountain road.

I do know you can fly between Bogata and Cartagena. I spoke to a guy at the Hostal Boris and I stayed at in Bogata who was doing exactly that.

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