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Originally Posted by EvanADV View Post
Dinner table discussion tonight with another couple, guy makes a comment about wanting to buy a bike.

First hilarious point: Oiling my chain every 200-300 miles is excessive. His buddy does it when he does oil changes, which is every 5000 miles, and he's never had a problem. Same buddy has a rejetted Katana that can outrun Hayabusas. Yeah.

Second, not quite as funny, but still somewhat funny point: it's really not that bad riding in the winter. He rode his buddy's bike when it was 10 degrees and he just put his Carhartt jacket on over a t-shirt and was good. This is after I explained to him how I really love my neck gaiter and just got some heated gloves. His wife blew his macho cover, though, when she said, "Hun, you were only out for like 10 minutes and you came back shivering!"

The "i'm not cold because i'm a real man" attitude irks me. It's cold. You're human. You're cold. It's okay to admit you're freaking cold. Pretending you're not is just making you look like an idiot, not really manly. I ride year round out of necessity and I will admit sometimes it's just plain cold, especially without the appropriate gear.

I agree. Anything below 40 is cold enough for me to connect the heated gear. There are times when it's in the 20s and I ride to work without connecting the heated gear, because it's only a 5-minute commute, but it's still cold.
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