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Originally Posted by slackmeyer View Post
They're KTM seals. Is this the first oil change since the WP rebuild? If it is, I'd suspect a nick'ed seal. If not, it's kind of an odd time for it to start leaking.
Seal will Come today. I also was notified by PM that there have been some premature failures 2/2 to thin hardening process in the shaft. so I'll check close.

BUT my main question. I was PLANNING on laying bike on side (have fresh oil and filter) and remove cover of water pump and try to change JUST seal since bearings and shaft are ~1200miles old. and assume I nicked the seal on install.

Question is here;
Has Anyone removed the seal alone from the outside without removing the pump and using the shaft and c-clip to press it out as I did when replacing EVERYTHING?

I hope this is a simple $8 repair only. I don't want more down time.
But I'll fix it right if necessary.


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