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Pictures Lima to Paracas

The day before I left Lima, Jana and i went for a walk and noticed this sign. It appears someone is trying to do something for the poor homeless cats in Lima's Kennedy Square

Here are the Australian bikes parked at the Hostal in Lima. I left around ten and i never did see these guys, they still weren't up and about.

Based on the stickers on the bikes from OZ it would seem they are headed south, so I may bump into them yet.

When i got out of the madness that is Lima traffic i stopped for a coke at roadside Tienda. I liked the names of the beaches on this sign, especially Playa Yaya

More desert

More desert

More desert

I finally got to Paracas. When I met my French friend last night he said the stretch from Lima to here was the longest 275kms he's ever driven. I had to agree

Last night's supper

Your's truly, tired but glad to have arrived in Paracas

I went for a walk last night and noticed this Toyota with Ontario plates.

and I saw all kinds of wooden cages with a rooster in each one on the roof of a house. They must have cock fighting here.

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