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Originally Posted by rlhopt View Post
what shipping company would you contact to ship cycles both ways. prefer TX to/from Cartagena. either pallet or Roll-on/roll-off or ? Cargo import brokers only ships to CO and not back. I've heard reports from some shippers that the Colombian govt harasses shippers of cycles to USA because of past drugs smuggled in cycles. But car and RVs are OK? make any sense to you?

want to ride CO and Ecuador for 3-4 months and rental rates are based upon short term and $spendy for long term and cannot cross borders. Mike at Motolombia notFreedom cycle in Colombia may sell/repurchase and that may work. Most countries will not title and plate unless you are a resident -not a tourist. any ideas or info?
As far a shipping, it will save more money to use who is cheapest in that direction, it's highly unlikely the same company will have the best rates in each direction. Lynn Cargo just shipped Paul's bike back from Bogota to Miami for $915 which is crazy good, costs more to ship across from Panama to Colombia on normal boats/planes. You can then spend a little of the money you saved with Lynn and truck freight the bike to your home and still come out ahead. That should solve the shipping back and from the sound of it you might have heard of at least one cargo company to ship down. I would strongly suggest not being adamant about using the same shipping both ways.

I know Gaston on this board has shipped quite a few riders South. I also know of one at least that came from Houston area to Colombia and had a good experience with him. Maybe check his rates for the shipping down and then you have Lynn Cargo as the return.

I would think the majority of shipping from/(possible)to Colombia comes from Florida just guessing.

I know a foreigner can buy in Colombia and have a bike in their own name after meeting a few stipulations, that's a dream of what I want to do in the future It's possible, but for doing the riding you want to do I would just ship my own bike down set up how I like it.
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