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I got to ride for the first time since Dec 5th (according to Strava [don't hate]) and it was a blast! I actually got two rides in this weekend. That'll happen when it is 70 degrees in mid-January and there is no family obligations to meet. Although I feel pretty good right now, I am betting I will be stiff as a 2x4 tomorrow when I wake up. First ride was 5 miles at the local semi-flat trail. Then 8 miles Sunday at a new trail here in town. The Sunday one had mud in places I have never seen before, so it was a dirty fun mess!

Quick question. I noticed Saturday that the bike is moaning or squeaking a good bit. It seems to be from somewhere below me, so I am guessing the crank Does that just mean I need to clean and lube it really well? I normally hose it off after every ride or two. Probably need to double check to see if there is any grime stuck in there.

Or just use my "one-year of free maintanance" from the LBS since I bought the bike new and let them figure it out.
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