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Originally Posted by Effjay

I have T-meisters on both motos in my sig. If the dealer had furnished you the install instructions, you'd have seen that Marker Machine furnishes shim washers of various thickness to adjust "gap" and resulting friction at the fully engaged position. I suggest you remove the throttle side and see what's been used, then proceed from there. If no shims, then the throttle housing must be moved slightly outboard possibly in combo with shim(s). Also suggest using a bit of Loctite Blue (or similar) on the hex bolt after function is where you want it...

+! .

Cameleer: What you are looking for (shims) are washers of two different thicknesses. There are "full thickness" and "half-thickness" washers. Stacking the combination will assist you in placing the Throttlemeister in the correct position for the "piston" to move into position to hold the throttle grip in place. It is actually quite easy to adjust once you realize that there is a piston moving in and out of the right side weight assembly, and it cannot start too far away from the throttle grip.

The problem you are describing tells me that the washer stack inside the bar end is too tall (too many or no half-thickness washers). Take one out and try it again and see if that allows the piston to push into the throttle grip. Be certain that you can fully disengage the friction after your installation.

I know it sounds dumb, but be sure the bar end with the piston is on the throttle side. I actually found a set reversed by a dealership installer. They had no clue, obviously !.

Another problem I have seen is that installers put all the half-washers on the clutch side bar end, so check and see if they are over there.

Only other hint I can give is to be sure the piston is fully retracted into the bar end, and that the shim washer stack has the bar end with a visible gap, but not too far away from the throttle.

If you discover that you are missing the half-thickness washers, you can give Throttlemeister a call and they will send you a couple, usually without charge. If you are in a hurry, I have actually manufactured half-washers by taking some stainless steel washers and grinding them on a carborundum stone. Took about 30 minutes to do that for my RT after I dropped the shim washers and could not find the half-washer (Murphy's law number 94 or some such!).

Good luck !

Thanks for your replies guys, it's appreciated. I haven't had a chance to look into the T-Meister because I left my bike in Spain and I'm back in the Sandpit. I have the feeling though that I was doing something REALLY idiotic and was twisting the T-Meister in a CLOCKWISE direction, opposite to the throttle opening and contrary to the instructions.
Brilliance eludes me again.

Doug: Your bike looks AWESOME, ordered the Kristas and will report. They don't look as good as on the 1200RT as they are mounted up and above the mirrors but, hey, the purpose justifies the looks.

All the best, Cameleer
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