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Originally Posted by RxZ View Post
I got to ride for the first time since Dec 5th (according to Strava [don't hate]) and it was a blast! I actually got two rides in this weekend. That'll happen when it is 70 degrees in mid-January and there is no family obligations to meet. Although I feel pretty good right now, I am betting I will be stiff as a 2x4 tomorrow when I wake up. First ride was 5 miles at the local semi-flat trail. Then 8 miles Sunday at a new trail here in town. The Sunday one had mud in places I have never seen before, so it was a dirty fun mess!

Quick question. I noticed Saturday that the bike is moaning or squeaking a good bit. It seems to be from somewhere below me, so I am guessing the crank Does that just mean I need to clean and lube it really well? I normally hose it off after every ride or two. Probably need to double check to see if there is any grime stuck in there.

Or just use my "one-year of free maintanance" from the LBS since I bought the bike new and let them figure it out.
If you have to ask, I'd say 'take it to the shop.' Right now, they shouldn't be too busy.

If you need the bike ASAP, lube up the chain (and make sure to wipe the excess off!) and see if that helps. If not, then start looking at the BB/crank area. There's an off chance its the QRs that aren't quite tight enough.

Noises are a bitch to track down sometimes.

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