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Originally Posted by Gren View Post
Lots of cracking tigers in this thread it's taken me about a week to get through it I'll have to get some shots of the my 1050 taken when the weathers warmer up around the west coast of Scotland.....

Got to ask theres a lot of bikes with the panniers on all the time are they empty if so why not take them off especially if ur only going out for the day..???
can't wait to see it.

On the pannier front, I use them. For example yesterday was 23degrees. One box held my tool kit, tow strap, beer, and other bits. The other had a complete dry change of clothing and some survival materail (solar blanket, first aide kit, etc). At least in my neck of the woods, a fail while riding can lead to an actual need of survival/recovery gear. Much but not all of our ADV riding, around here, is in areas that paid (say AMA or AAA) recovery is a pipedream. If you have a way to call them (cell signal is weak in the forest) You tell them where you are and they laugh till you hang up. So a buddy helps, or if solo, you get yourself out.

Also when offroad they provide great grash protection

I also leave em on the majority of the time when I'm commuting. For the same reasons above. It's almost 100mi round-trip, on back-roads (I'd rather miss work then take interstate). They don't add any measurable mass to the bike (if my handlebars fit through somewhere so will my boxes), and you never know when you may need storage (rain gear, tools, parts, groceries, etc). You never know when a jaunt through the hills will lead you past that awesome thing at a market that you must have.

Personal taste too I suppose. I personally prefer the look of a girlie with the bags on as opposed to off.

Finally, and most importantly, that's where all my stickers are duh
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