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Hi John,

Finally got caught up with your RR after few weeks of being occupied by life. You know how that is! Sold my KLR and that took care of few loan/credit/bills. As stated in page 19, post # 281 your chief financial advisor will be making a nice donate to your trip now that you are in South America which I am certain you could use some extra fund on top of what other ADVRider has contributed. A little more than what you need won't hurt as you never know when you or other 'down' ADV rider like Justin might need it!

In my strong opinion, I think that individuals traveling frugally attempting to cross the Darien Gap is all about "luck". Some will manage to hit the jackpot finding a ship (sailboat or cargo) and cross the gap within 24-48 hours while others will have to play a searching-n-waiting game. At least you can offer some info but what would have been nice is that if you saved a track on your GPS then upload a map of where you have rode on and export it into image then offer it on here? I don't know if you can obtain central america road map or whatever? It was just a thought but probably too late to do that. It is ok if that can't be done.. no sweat!

Now I got one interesting and challenging question for you!! How many pizza have you had in the whole trip up to this point?? And did you had beer with your pizza every time you are eating a pizza? Perhaps that make sense to add a price of pizza/beer meal to your donating page and start doing a pizza/beer review?? hehe I don't think there is a single adv rider who dislike pizza?

Currently working on a sportster converting project and should make an interesting trip when I follow your trail.. And keep a lookout on my donation in couple of weeks. I'll send you PM when it is sent. Bon Voyage!!
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