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Originally Posted by xrcris View Post
- Yeah, but none of those are less than 400#'s. Hell the engine in the Uly has got to be half that. None of those old bikes are fuel injected & I haven't seen any of the newer ones, such as the Multistrada below $7500.

good luck..
Ya, tough to get down to 400lbs on a road bike with broad capabilities.

I don't think you are referencing Multi's as an old bike as they are injected.

Multi's (1000) may be purchased for 5k - just depends on version (S or non S), age, mileage and mods.

I figure my 2006 1000S, 37k miles, is worth 4k stock and 5.5k with mods.

There is an 09 1100 S here in town with 4.3k miles with an asking price of 8.8k.
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