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Originally Posted by Cameleer View Post
Cameleer: What you are looking for (shims) are washers of two different thicknesses. There are "full thickness" and "half-thickness" washers. Stacking the combination will assist you in placing the Throttlemeister in the correct position for the "piston" to move into position to hold the throttle grip in place. It is actually quite easy to adjust once you realize that there is a piston moving in and out of the right side weight assembly, and it cannot start too far away from the throttle grip.

The problem you are describing tells me that the washer stack inside the bar end is too tall (too many or no half-thickness washers). Take one out and try it again and see if that allows the piston to push into the throttle grip. Be certain that you can fully disengage the friction after your installation.
+1. Had to fix this when I was 2000 miles into a 5000-mile trip last fall. Turned out the T-Meister was too far outboard to create the needed friction against the end of the grip (I assume this is because the frictive surfaces wear down/apart). Once I figured this out, the hard part was finding a washer of the correct thickness at a hardware store in Great Falls, MT. They didn't have any. But it turned out that I did: I had a couple of thin plastic body screw washers in my spares kit. Since replaced with a half-thickness metal washer. All is good.

Side note: on that trip, I rode for two days without a throttle lock before fixing it. Holding the throttle open for almost 15 hours led to a case of moderate positional palsy of the radial nerve and a 10-week recovery time.

p.s. sorry if I'm misquoting
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