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GS battery on a GSA?

I'm currently in Oaxaca, Mexico at the dealer on my way to South America. The battery in my '12 GSA took a dump after 11 months and 10,000 miles (8,000 of which have been in the last two months since I left NYC).

The dealer here doesn't have the GSA battery (part number: 61 21 77 08 614) in stock, but does have the larger GS battery (part number: 61 21 77 24 073).

I didn't even know the GS/GSA used different batteries until now, but aside from the weight (~12 lbs. vs. ~6 lbs.) and probably cost (the GS battery is larger and thus a bit more expensive), is there any reason not to use the GS battery in my GSA?

I'm not running a lot of ancillary electrical equipment on my bike, really just GPS. I suspect the GSA got the smaller battery only to help pare weight, but I can't find electrical specs on both batteries, so I'm not sure if there are other differences.

The GS battery would allow me to get on the road today, the GSA battery would need to be shipped from the importer ad would not be here until Thursday at best. I'm inclined to go with the GS battery and get moving, but I wanted to be sure I wasn't going to introduce other issues.

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